The Rock 'n' Soul Connection

 9am -11am

Another chance to hear last nights show with Keith Scowcroft from Dorset, jointly hosting this fantastic cross-Atlantic show with his co host Mike Kroll all the way from Detroit. Great variety of music from the UK and USA. 

If you missed Graham on Friday, here's another chance to catch up!  Laugh along and hear all the latest local info'.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon          3pm - 5.30pm

Listen to Tim Allan's popular show with an amazing mix to soundtrack your Sunday afternoon. Sit down with a beer or glass of wine and let the music flow through your mind. You'll be glad you did! 

The Rock Show 6 - 8pm

Carol Buxton knows all there is to know about 'Metal' music.  Be warned, it's quite 'full on'!!  TEMP SUSPENDED

The Golden Oldie Show

8pm - 9pm

Another chance to hear the Golden Oldie Show repeated from Thursday. Join Rusty Nails in a veritable plethora of nostalgia from the 60's, 70's and the AWESOME 80's! 

Bring your boogie shoes......

The Graham Clarke Show (again) noon-2pm

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