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Karen W_edited.png
12 - 2am (repeat)
"Magazine Show" with
Karen Wye

Tune in to Karen's magazine style show; find out what's happening in Wimborne, enjoy the birthday half hour and discover what happened on this day in history.

5 - 6am (repeat)
"The Album Show" with
Glen Fowler

Glen has collected a large number of albums covering different genres over the years starting from the '70s. Some well known and others not so! Selecting two albums per show and playing tracks from both - join him for a journey into the unknown!

Steve Richards.jpeg
7 - 9am
"Breakfast Show" with
Steve Richards

Join Steve for the Tuesday Breakfast Show. Enjoy a great mix of music plus updates on local news, traffic and weather.

Alice King.jpg
10 - 11am
"A Word with Alice" with
Alice King

Your morning show with an eclectic mix of music for your ears to enjoy, a word of the week, some fun facts and a weekly horoscope. Tune in and have a word if you like, Alice would love to hear from you.

Glynn Jones_edited.jpg
12 - 1pm
"The Lunchtime Show" with
Glyn Jones

Join Glyn this lunchtime. He will be focusing on mental and physical health as well as having the occasional chat with some local people with a story to tell plus some music to get you through the day.

Mike H.JPG.jpg
3 - 4.30pm
"Sounds Like The 60s" with
Mike Hardy

Mike presents this fabulous sixties show with music from the charts including Motown, Soul, Rock & Roll and of course The Beatles.

David Emes - 2.jpg
5 - 7pm
"Eclectic Drive Time Show" with David Emes

Join David for a packed show. Listen to the “find those tunes” feature, enjoy tracks from the featured artist and listen out for songs that will have a place, colour, person’s name, animal or mode of transport somewhere in the song!

Derek Pipe 2.jpg
7 - 8pm
"The '70s Show" with
Derek Pipe

Join Derek as he travels back in time to the era of flares, Glam Rock and Disco Mania, the 1970s.  Singles, album tracks and the occasional gem you may not be familiar with!

9 - 10pm
"The Muzone" with
Neil Etheridge

Neil delves into his extensive modern jazz, jazz funk and jazz/rock fusion collection and shares his passion for music with observations from the Muso’s perspective. He will also be providing information on the local live scene with a strong leaning towards anything jazz-related.

Chris Brown2.jpg
11 - 12am (repeat)
"Skanking Delights" with
DJ Dapper Dan

Listen to Wimborne's very own Town Crier do his fantastic Reggae show with his alter ego DJ Dapper Dan! To find out more about him click here.

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