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5 - 6am (repeat)
"Lunchtime Chat" with
Juli & Ade Harman

Join Juli & Ade for a fun filled hour of great music including either a One Hit Wonder or Instrumental Interlude and a featured artist.

Daniel LC.jpeg
8 - 10am 
"Wake Up Wimborne" with
Daniel Carter

An upbeat Saturday morning mix of music to start your day. It’s two hours of local news, events and information to kick start the weekend in Wimborne.

Graham and Mike pic 1.jpg
every other week ...
10 - 12pm (repeat)
"Two's Company" with
Mike Chapman & Graham Clarke

Local and community news, What's-Ons, chit-chat, trivia, the "Two-Minute Challenge", plus regular input from Tracie BB (Radio Wimborne's very own arts "Culture Vulture").

12 - 1pm
"The Album Show" with
Glen Fowler

Glen has collected a large number of albums covering different genres over the years starting from the '70s. Some well known and others not so! Selecting two albums per show and playing tracks from both - join him for a journey into the unknown!

3 - 5.15pm
"Saturday Sports Show" with
Steve White

Steve brings you the week's sports news, from national to local - including live updates of what's going on during the show!

Dom Yates.jpg
6 - 8pm (repeat)
"The Country Show" with
Dom Yates

Join Dom as he takes you on a journey through the world of Country music. From modern hits right through to golden oldies and everything in between, there's something for everyone. You might just discover some new favourites!

Jo Toy 1.jpeg
8 - 9pm (repeat)
"Tenuous Tales" with 
Jo Toy

Join Jo on a journey.  They will start at A and end up at T … but how they get there will not necessarily be by the most direct route and some of the links along the way may well be a little … well, tenuous.  And as for the musical accompaniment?  It just depends on the mood and the melodies that take the fancy.

Keith and Mike.jpg
9 - 11pm
"Rock 'n' Soul Connection" with
Keith Scowcroft and Mike Kroll

The UK UKA Rock n Soul Connection is unique as Keith is from the UK and Mike is from the USA. The show is made more interesting by featuring guest DJ’s from England, Scotland and America, all with different accents which appeal to listeners all over the world.

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