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Sponsoring Radio Wimborne

By sponsoring Radio Wimborne or a specific programme, you will be supporting a local not-for-profit radio station as well as promoting your business.


What can you sponsor?

  1. Any specific Radio Wimborne programme

  2. Any regular Radio Wimborne feature e.g.: -“What’s On” or “Charity Community Information”

  3. The Radio Wimborne website

  4. The entire radio station (a maximum of 2 sponsors per annum and the businesses must not conflict)


What do you get?

  1. If you sponsor a specific programme your advert will be played twice, once at the beginning and again at the end of the show

  2. If you sponsor a regular feature, your advert will be played twice, before and after the feature

  3. If you sponsor the radio station, your advert will be played once an hour, you will get a presence on the Radio Wimborne website and social media platforms. Your business will be promoted at all outside events, and you will be regularly invited into the studio to talk about your business live on air.


Sponsorship on Radio Wimborne is inexpensive but effective! The costs are: -

  1. £65 one off production charge (if you need an advert professionally produced)

  2. £40pm for a sponsored programme for a 3-month run (discounts available for a longer contract)

  3. £50pm for a sponsored event for a 3-month run (discounts available for a longer contract)

  4. £50pm for sponsoring the website for a 6-month contract

  5. £100pm for sponsoring the entire station for a 12-month contract

If you would like to know more about how you can get your business promoted on RW please email Kelly Webb

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